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Agriculture Innovation


By the turn of the 20th century, agriculture was a booming industry in California. California showed promise of becoming a great agricultural empire. As agriculture became more and more popular in California, many tractor companies attempted new tractor designs that worked better on California’s land. How did tractor designs change, and what designs were successful?


The culture of agriculture was influenced by mechanization in California and illustrates the powerful character of invention.  On-farm mechanization was closely tied to the inventive efforts of local farmers, ranchers, and mechanics.  California was a leader in the early adoption of tractors.  In 1925, nearly one-fifth of California farms reported acquiring tractors, more than any other state.


The C.L. Best Gas Traction Company


The answer to the problems encountered by California farmers and the soft California soil was found in an emerging tractor design.  Instead of relying on tractors with wheels, tractor companies began developing track-type tractors, or tractors that run on a continuous track instead of a wheel.  The development of track-type tractors helped to catapult California to the head of the agriculture industry.



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