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California Agriculture Feeds the World – 1800’s

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            Why did California agriculture become the largest food producer in the world?  A variety of elements including independence, tenacity, science, and economic demand molded the culture of agriculture.  For example, wheat was in high demand in the 1800’s. 


            When farmers produced too much wheat, they learned to diversify their crops by planting orchards, vines, and row crops that included beans and tomatoes. The modern livestock operation also evolved.  As new farm power, mechanization, irrigation, and farmer co-operatives evolved, California quickly became the leader in food production. 


           In all of these areas, California farmers and ranchers responded to their economic and environmental challenges.  Some agricultural businesses failed.  Others paved the way for innovation and success.  Take a look around you today and ask:

  • What is the definition of agriculture?

  • How has the production of food evolved?

  • What was it like to work on a farm or ranch 100 years ago?

  • Do you know enough about today’s food production methods to make a comparison?   

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