Coin Collection

100 Year Anniversary Coins

A donation of $250 or more to the California Agriculture Museum makes you eligible to receive the most recently released coin thanking you for your financial contribution.  Each year represents a 100 year anniversary for a tractor in the Heidrick Collection at the California Agriculture Museum.  We encourage you to continue contributing and collecting.  Consider giving a collectible gift to your friends and family.  

Coins Minted & Released

C.L. Best 75 H.P.


Almost Gone

Benjamin Holt 120 H.P.

Dec. 2017

In Stock

John Deere Waterloo Boy

Dec. 2018

In Stock

These coins are presented with sincere appreciation to donors.  It is because of this generosity that the museum is able to maintain a world class museum with one of the rarest and oldest collections of California tractors, engines, and harvesters and continue the tradition of collecting.