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Founder Fred C. Heidrick Sr. Museum Collection

Fred C. Heidrick Sr.

Fred C. Heidrick Sr.

Fred C. Heidrick Sr. was an innovative farmer. His devotion to agriculture, along with his passion for the restoration of tractors and equipment lead to the museum foundation in 1995.

Growing up with Grandpa


By Laura Wieking, Granddaughter of Fred Heidrick Sr.


  "Growing up, I didn’t really know this collection was anything other than our extended playground. Grandpa never told us to get off the machines, or to stay out of the barns where the rare, one-of-a-kind and massive machines rested. We climbed all over, breathing in the greasy paint smell of the barns and shop as if it were a fine floral bouquet. I knew that people came from all over to see my grandparents and the collection, but I thought it was only because they were like, the coolest grandparents ever"


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History of the The Heidrick Ag History Center


1930s     Fred Heidrick Sr. and his brother Joe show an aptitude for inventing and restoring tractors and other farm                               machinery.  By the 1990s, they have amassed an important collection.

1996       The Heidrick Museum Foundation begins to develop the facility that will become the Heidrick Ag History Center.


1997       The Heidrick Ag History Center opens at 1962 Hays Lane. The new facility includes a banquet room, kitchen,                           courtyard, and glass corridors between two large exhibit halls. 

2008       The Heidrick Ag History Center transitions from family management under the Heidrick Museum Foundation to                     nonprofit status [501(c)(3)] under federal tax law. 

2012       The Best 110 Steam Tractor arrives on loan from the Joe & Edith Heidrick Foundation.

2015       The Heidrick Ag History Center expands to become the California Agriculture Museum.

The Collection

The Heidrick Antique tractor collection consists of the most rare California farming equipment in the world. Agriculture is a key piece of California history. More than 100 tractors are at home in Woodland CA in Yolo County, next to Solano, Sacramento

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