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          Moonshine is alcohol usually produced as a beverage.  Moonshining referred to any job or activity that was done late at night because it was illegal.  History documents its existence in California as early as 1930 but it probably existed long before history dared to speak of it.  If there was a corn field and a stream in a remote area, you might stumble across a still.  Brewing moonshine was common in agricultural areas and was made for personal consumption or to increase capital to support the farm.


           Moonshine is all about the mash. Recipes call for:

                     ·         corn meal

                     ·         sugar

                     ·         yeast

                     ·         water

                     ·         heat, cool, and place in canning jars


           Although alcohol can be distilled from almost any kind of grain, most moonshine made in the United States for the last 150 years has been made with corn.  

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