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Museum Founders

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          Hi.  My name is Rusty.  The founder of the California Ag Museum is my grandpa, Fred C. Heidrick Senior, my parents, uncles and aunts: Nancy Heidrick Gnoss, Barbara Heidrick Eoff, Linda Heidrick Lucchesi, Judy Heidrick Schneider, and Fred C. Heidrick Jr.


           Planning and building the Museum was a tremendous undertaking in 1995.  The entire family played a role in the efforts to prepare grandpa’s collection for the public eye and to erect a Museum that celebrates California Agriculture.  

The project was bigger than our family, and the community joined in to help at every level of planning and implementation.  This is an important factor, because the culture of agriculture is built upon neighbors helping each other.  Every old time barn raising ended in a ho down, and that’s how we opened the Museum in 1997.

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