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The California Agriculture Museum welcomes you to photograph our remarkable collection for your personal use.  Feel free to upload those photos to the social media of your choice.  We simply ask that you observe a few simple guidelines to protect the collections and ensure a positive experience for all visitors.


PERSONAL USE:  Visitors may take photographs of the equipment and objects for personal use only.  Opportunities to take personal photos can be found throughout the Museum. When in doubt as to where photos may be taken, consult staff or tour guides.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Visitors are welcome to upload personal photographs to their social media accounts (Facebook, Flikr, Pinterest, Shutterbug, etc.) as long as the photos are not available for purchase or other commercial use.


COMMERCIAL USE: Personal photographs taken at the Heidrickmay not be sold, published, reproduced, or otherwise used commercially.


ACCESS: Do not obstruct entrances, doorways, or high traffic areas, or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment of other visitors.


PROTECT THE COLLECTION: Do not relocate artifacts, equipment, and collectibles for personal photos. Don’t climb on vehicles/equipment for personal photography unless they are specifically identified by the Museum for such use.


ROTATING EXHIBITS:  In general, ask permission before taking photos of collectibles and art displayed in rotating exhibits.  In some cases, the copyright of collectibles and art may be held by the artist or collector, and photography is not permitted. Most rotating exhibits are found in the east wing. When in doubt, ask staff or a tour guide.


Full Photo Policy


If you are a professional photographer or an avid amateur and want to do a photo shoot, please review the Heidrick Photography Shoot Policy and Heidrick Photo Shoot Application and contact staff at 530-666-9700. 



The Heidrick may grant the right to reproduce images on a case by case basis.  If you are business representative interested in applying to reproduce an image, please contact staff for more information at 530-666-9700.

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