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Tractors & Brews – Go Back in Time with Tractors & Old Time Marketing Reveals

WOODLAND, CALIF – History in Motion becomes the focal point for this year’s Tractors & Brews museum opening on June 15th, 2017.  It’s Thursday from 6pm-9pm.  This traditional watering hole features music, food tasting, and a variety of brews and wines. 

The opening brings History in Motion, a museum exhibit that traveled to the Best of the West Show, back home to show guests something rare.  Doug Veerkamp, on the board of directors, assures us that; “Guests will delight in seeing tractors unveiled, engines started, and see a trio of smoke rise to the ceiling accompanied by old time showmanship.  Let us capture your imagination of what early tractor exhibitions must have looked and sounded like.”  

“We hope you will join us at Tractors & Brews,” remarks Rich Jenness the President of the Board, and receive an exhibit catalogue representative of California’s myth makers, with your ticket.  We’ll also feature old time snippets of early tractor races presented by Doug Veerkamp, board member and the official antique collector representative of the Caterpillar Co.  Come in; enjoy; and get out of the way!

“We’ll have stories to tell from the exhibit returning from the Best of the West Show thanks to the generosity of the California Humanities,” is the response we’re hearing from board member Dan Best.  The exhibit is designed to help people develop an appreciation for the advances and cooperation between early California pioneers who played a large role in the evolution of early California commerce and culture.  We’ll roll back home with the Humpback, Holt Artillery Tractor, Caterpillar’s first exposition model Ten, plus the famous Caterpillar 60 diesel that put Woodland on the map in 1931. They are all show stoppers. 

Tractors & Brews is Thursday, June 15th from 6pm to 9pm at the California Agriculture Museum at 1962 Hays Lane, Woodland, Calif.  Event proceeds benefit the museum while congratulating makers of myth and their success in digging in.  Early bird tickets are $35 before June 5th, $50 each after June 5th and are available online (  or at the California Agriculture Museum at 1962 Hays Lane, Woodland, Calif. 

About Tractor Reveals:  The California Agriculture Museum reveals history while showcasing and starting up at least three show stoppers at Tractors & Brews.  Old time tractor reveals set their stage to attract audiences with activities that lead up to the moment when the latest mechanical innovations were revealed. On September 1st, 1928 Miss Lucy Young unveiled the smallest tractor ever made by Caterpillar.  The Exposition Ten!  “Lighter in weight, less power, and less cost; the Ten had been bought faster than a double shift of skilled workers can turn them out,” says Doug Veerkamp who sits on the museum board of directors.    Lorili Ostman indicates that the archives describe tractor reveals as attractions featuring music, food, and of course the opportunity to catch up on the latest news. “Sounds will rise along with the smoke.”

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