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#4 Why did they name it a Caterpillar?


Where did the name Caterpillar come from? The name “Caterpillar” was actually the name for the series of track-type tractors made by the Holt Manufacturing Company. The Holt Manufacturing Company’s first starting experimenting with a continuous track tractor in 1909. Charlie Clement, a photographer taking pictures of the new Holt design, exclaimed “IF THAT DON’T LOOK LIKE A MONSTER CATERPILLAR” when he saw the odd-looking tractor working in the field. Benjamin Holt liked the comparison so much that he decided to name all of his future track-type tractors “Caterpillars,” and registered the name for a patent in 1910. When the Holt Manufacturing Company was absorbed by the C.L. Best Tractor Co. in 1925. Best decided to name the new company the Caterpillar Tractor Co.


Roster #T043 Holt 60 H.P. Tractor

Holt Manufacturing Company, Stockton, California

            The Holt 60 H.P. tractor was produced at the Holt Manufacturing Company’s factory in Stockton beginning in late 1911. Utilizing a front or tiller wheel for steering, this tractor was used by larger operations and was considered the big power of its time. Production of the Holt 60 H.P. track-type tractor ended in 1914.


Roster # T037 Holt 2 Ton Tractor

Holt Manufacturing Company, Stockton, California

            The 2 Ton, also known as the T35, was the smallest tractor offered by the Holt Manufacturing Company. It was specifically designed with the requirements of the smaller California farmer and rancher in mind. First introduced in 1921, this Stockton-designed tractor remained in production until early 1924 when production was moved east to Holt’s Peoria, Illinois, factory. After the Holt Manufacturing Company absorbed the C.L. Best Tractor Co. in 1925, the Caterpillar Tractor Co. continued to make the Caterpillar 2 Ton tractor until it was replaced in the product line by the newly designed Caterpillar Twenty tractor.

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