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Tractors & Brews – Go Back in Time with Tractors, Music, and Tasting

WOODLAND, CALIF – History in Motion becomes the focal point for this year’s Tractors & Brews museum opening on June 7th, 2018.  It’s Thursday from 6pm-9pm.  This traditional watering hole features music, food tasting, and a variety of brews and wines for the annual exhibit opening.  “Award winning Fig Mountain beer is just one of many brews we’ll pour,” says Casey Stone longtime member of the board.

The opening expands upon History in Motion, to show guests something rare.  Doug Veerkamp, on the board of directors, assures us that; “Guests will delight in hearing engines started, and see a trio of smoke rise to the ceiling accompanied by old time showmanship.  Let us capture your imagination of what early tractor exhibitions must have looked and sounded like.”  “We’ll also feature reproductions of postcards from the era that featured portraits of early tractors and harvesters,” says Lorili Ostman, Executive Director, “some are hand colored, while others were black and whites taken by traveling photographers.”

“We hope you will join us at Tractors & Brews,” remarks Bill Payne the President of the Board, “we’ll feature a punchy video and stories of Holt tractors that introduce you to the competition between Best and Holt tractor manufacturers that began in the 1800s.”  It is a segment of Caterpillar history at its best.  Come in; enjoy; and get out of the way because a Stone’s Throw is playing.

“We’ll have stories to tell and reminiscing to do,” is the response we’re hearing from board member Dan Best.  The exhibit is designed to help people develop an appreciation for the advances and cooperation between early California pioneers who played a large role in the evolution of early California commerce and culture.  “We’ll roll out a 1895 Best Engine on loan from Jack Alexander, and a tractors that were used as power sources more than 100 years ago,” says Rusty Lucchesi, “they are all show stoppers.” 

Tractors & Brews is Thursday, June 7th from 6pm to 9pm at the California Agriculture Museum at 1958 Hays Lane, Woodland, Calif.  Event proceeds benefit the museum while congratulating makers of myth and their success in digging in.  Early bird tickets are $35 before May 30th, $50 each starting May 31st. Tickets are available online (  or at the California Agriculture Museum at 1958 Hays Lane, Woodland, Calif. 

Tractors & Brews Celebrates:  The California Story and brings Caterpillar history to the forefront with tastes to delight the California palette.   “Music and sounds will rise along with puffs of smoke.”  It recognizes major contributions and contributors!


About the California Agriculture Museum (CalAgMu):  Thanks to the dedication of the Fred C. Heidrick Sr. family, the museum opened to the public in 1997 after years of preparation and investment in the agricultural community.  The museum continues as a place to gather around art exhibits, kids and adult activities, and hundreds of old iron tractors, harvesters, horse drawn wagons and artifacts.  It highlights stories from down on the farm that illuminate what it was like for California pioneers 100 years ago.  The galleries and courtyard punctuate the significance of agriculture and the innovation that evolved yesterday and today.

PR/T&B 2018

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